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Christian Confidence Online:  A family owned and operated business that has a mission in life to strive to inspire.  As almost any believer knows, life can be very complicated and quite frankly hard.  A lot of people look at believers a loons, bible thumpers, crazy, nuts, hypocrytes, etc.....but as any TRUE believer knows, there is something..........something you have a hard time describing.........something that you feel, that an unbeliever just doesn't feel or understand......There is a relationship........a feeling........a knowledge.......something you just know: PEACE!!  You still get frustrated, you still fail, you still know you can always improve, you know you will NEVER be perfect; but you also know you have that relationship with the Lord that NO ONE can take away!!  When a person actually puts the pieces together and given the insight of what is going on around you and what the Bible tells you about things that will take place..........There is just something......something you can't explain.......somethingthat makes so much sense that you can't deny it.....PROOF.......The interesting part about the whole world around us is that the truth is literally accessable to us just about anyware, the truth that; once you have that truth, its almost impossible to deny.....The OWNERS MANUAL (The Bible) literally tells us, just like an owners manual in a car, how to navigate life successfully, and truly if EVERYONE followed that owners manual........guess what. the world would be a perfect place.  When we know what real truth is, it changes your whole thought process.......Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to just have to open that door!  Once you do, your whole life takes on a new perspective and what a wonderful perspective it is.....For wide is that gate that leads to destruction and many will go, narrow is the way that leads to rightousness and few will follow.......
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